The costs of storage are individually evaluated _the longer, the cheaper !


We are able to help you in storage of the products hrd to store in other places. The storage of commodity in the warehouses with the height of more than 8 metres allows the gigh storage. Our industrial warehouses give place to safe, economic and long-lasting storage in the proper conditions. We analyze the needs of every customer, matching the way of storage to the kind of the commodity, its package and storage recommendations. According to the product and its parametres we choose the proper warehouse, the height of storage and the amount of communication paths. We are able to offer the proper kind of the warehouse, shed, building as well as the office and the place in the carpark. Every offer includes the kind of commodity, equipment, the needs of delivery and loading, individual needs of the customer. We have the stillage for packed in cardboard boxes commodity and the place for palettes.

The offices which we offer can be used as independent office surfaces


ready to be rented or as the logistic base of warehouses. Their whole surface is more than 600 sq. metres. In the offices there are all the necessary media, sanitary nodes and kitchen. The availability of the office surfaces and huge amount of carpark places enables the creation of the logistic centre. Our company is ready to help in, for example distribution node, courier centre, office, studio or archives of documents. We leave the freedom in rebuilding or innovating the office surfaces in order to fit them to the needs of customer. We provide the fire protection of warehouses, sheds and storage buildings, the ventilation and heating of the storage area and the proper conditions concerning air humidity and lighting. The warehouses are protected by security company, dogs and monitoring. We do our best to maintain our storage surfaces with the highest level of the services and to be described as the exemplary warehouses.




The storage area to rent in Kowary is:


  • warehouse, sheds and buildings
  • various airspace and surface
  • carpark with the huge area
  • docking ramp (in progress)
  • possibility of high storage
  • office surface
  • closeness of driveway
  • well-qualified staff
  • cleanliness, proper conditions
  • favourable prices
  • very good, technical state of warehouses
  • monitoring
  • movement controllers
  • all the media in offices
  • modern forklifts "Linde"

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